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Younique Rewards Cards


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Product Description

This is a loyalty card to reward your customers that do not want to be confined to an official online party but still want to earn points towards free and half priced items.

The customer can choose their reward level and cash in on the savings. Once they have reached their desired rewards level and are ready to use their rewards, they hand the card in to you. You provide the rewards achieved and apply their rewards to their order. They receive a new, blank rewards card and start over once they hand the card in to you. They choose how long to “fill up” their rewards and they choose which awards level they want to cash in on based upon their spend recorded on the card.

Just like a real party, if they refer friends to you that make a purchase, these sales can count towards their goal.

The back is blank so that you can write down the date and amount of the purchases that count towards their goal.

You fill in the front rewards bar based upon their spending level so that they can see how close they are to their goal.

3.5″ x 2″ (business card size)

File Preparation
Please provide the contact information you would like me to add to the card. Once the edits are made, I will send the final product to your email. Please allow 1-2 business days turnaround after I receive your contact information.

Contact fields:
First and Last name
Phone Number

Printing Instructions
You will receive a .pdf file that is formatted for printing at a local print shop on 11×17″ card stock or heavy stock paper of your choice. The file is laid out to produce 24 cards, single sided. Crop marks are included to make cutting the cards out easy for you or the printer. Note that some printers charge extra per cut.

If you prefer to have me print the cards and ship the completed cards to you, please inquire for a price quote.

You may print this as much as you want but cannot resell it.


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